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Moto X off contract price revealed by AT&T

Moto X off contract

The off contract pricing of the Moto X has just been revealed by AT&T, and I must say, it has left us disappointed. AT&T mentioned that the 16GB variant of the Moto X will cost $575, while the 32GB model will set users back by $629. This sounds a little too much when we consider those early reports which suggested a Nexus 4 like pricing for the smartphone. But it seems like Google’s involvement with the Moto X is pretty restricted, with no influence on the pricing whatsoever. Perhaps we can expect better pricing when the Google Play edition of the Moto X arrives.

AT&T’s pricing suggests that the carriers are not treating the new Moto X any differently from other flagship smartphones, which is a little disappointing to be honest. Sure, it offers the customization features, but that doesn’t necessarily change the fact that the Moto X is a mid-tier smartphone. Maybe we were expecting too much out of Motorola.

To refresh your memory, the Moto X will be sold in several color variants and users will be able to customize their smartphone through Moto Maker. This is a feature exclusive to AT&T users for the time being, with Verizon reported to get the customization hub soon.

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