Moto X launch on all carriers is on August 23

August 23 is the date of the Moto X launch on all four major carriers: Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T. This information comes from a report in AdAge, which cites unnamed insiders as its source. The report supports the launch date specified in a leaked inventory screenshot that surfaced yesterday. Said screenshot shows that Verizon stores will receive the Moto X stocks on August 15. The smartphones will be available on store shelves on August 23.

Moto X customization
Moto X customization

Moto X launch details

The same AdAge report says that the customization options via Moto Maker will be exclusively available on AT&T, but only until the early part of November. After such time, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint will start offering the “Design Yourself” options as well. This means that when Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint take the wraps off the Moto X on August 23, the much-awaited smartphone will be available in two colors only, black and white.

Verizon had earlier announced that the “Design Yourself” options will be available later this year, but did not specify when. Meanwhile, Sprint and T-Mobile has kept silent on the matter.

Moto X customization options

The wide range of customization options that the Moto X is offering is one of the smartphone’s key selling points. Even before its launch last August 1, Google and Motorola had been teasing consumers that they will be able to have much control over the design of the Moto X.

Through a special online tool called the Moto Maker, Motorola is allowing consumers to select some design elements of the Moto X. There are 18 color choices for the rear plate, and seven ones for the accent color on the front plate. Various materials, including wood, plastic, and metal, will be available for the rear plate. Apart from these, the Moto Maker lets consumers pick the default wallpaper and the startup message. Lastly, they can choose whether they prefer a 16GB or a 32GB model.

These personalized Moto X handsets will be assembled right in the United States. They may be returned within two weeks if the consumer does not like the outcome of the design. Specially-designed accessories like speakers and cases for the Moto X will also be sold by Motorola, in partnership with other brands.

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