Moto X car and desktop docks now available for $39.95

Moto X Desktop Dock

Griffin has just launched desktop and car docks for the Moto X smartphone. Costing $39.95 excluding shipping, these docks are endorsed officially by Motorola. These accessories can be purchased from Motorola’s official page.

Both docks will serve Moto X users greatly, as they’re designed to make navigation or media viewing a pleasurable experience. The car dock can fit into the windshield of your vehicle or the dashboard. While docked, the smartphone will automatically take itself to car mode to help answering calls without having to lift it off. Users can make full use of the Touchless Controls feature when docked.

Moto X Car Dock

These smartphone docks are a decent addition to the list of Moto X accessories, and it’s quite commendable of Griffin and Motorola to have them ready so early in the day. AT&T is currently the only seller of Moto X in the U.S., but these docks will receive a wider audience when Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile launch their own variants of the Moto X.

Source: Motorola

Via: Android Community