Moto X comes with 50GB of Google Drive storage for two years


The Moto X will come with 50GB of Google Drive storage for the first two years, basically securing storage for the full contract. Currently the Moto X only comes with 16 or 32GB versions, so this will boost the storage to 82GB.

Even though Google and Motorola try to be as far away from each other as possible, Google has decided a free 50GB of cloud storage for every single buyer may secure a few more votes.

This is not just from AT&T, like the Moto Maker currently, the Google Drive storage will be available on all five US carriers and we believe it will work on any smartphone, even in Canada and Latin America where Motorola is expanding the Moto X.

Dropbox has done the same deal with LG and Samsung, offering a huge amount of free storage for two years, with the hope that at the end of the contract the user has filled the space and will buy some storage.

However, unlike Dropbox, this wasn’t a deal Motorola paid X amount of dollars for, it is just a kind gift from their parent company Google, who hope in return the Moto X pushes Motorola back to a profitable company.

We aren’t sure how much 50GB of Google Drive storage actually brings in terms of buyers, sure it is a nice sentiment, but does anyone really turn their head to the deal, instead of another flagship device.

Source: Android Community