Moto Skip a new tool to skip authentication on Moto X

In a bid to make authentication and security less of a hassle and more secure, Motorola will be launching Moto Skip, a small thumb-sized clip that pairs with the Moto X and will automatically unlock it when the user touches Skip with the Moto X.

This type of authentication works through wireless technology, as soon as the phone hits the clip, it unlocks. Motorola explains how security will normally be hurried, with the user making their PIN 0000 to make it easier to unlock. Moto Skip allows the same pace with tons more security.

Moto Skip will be offered out by Motorola and will come as an accessory on the Moto Maker with the Moto X. It will come in several different colours. Once the clip is paired with the Moto X, the user can disable the connection at any time through the phone, say if the clip is lost or stolen.

Skip Dots will also be available, three stickers come with the Moto Skip clip. These stickers can be put on any surface and when the phone touches the sticker, it unlocks automatically. Motorola says this is great for Touchless Control, making it faster to add notes to Google Now.

This is just an additional note of security for the Moto X, the pattern/PIN will still be on the smartphone, this is just a skip option to quickly open the Moto X.

Source: Motorola Blog

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