Leaker reveals LG “Nexus 5” may be Optimus L9 II


The past few days have been filled with LG Nexus 5 leaks, almost cementing the rumour LG would develop the next Nexus device with Google, instead of another possible partner.

News from evleaks has pushed away rumours of the LG Nexus 5, pointing out the new photo leak released yesterday may actually be the LG Optimus L9 II, set to come out in the coming months. The leaker says the next Nexus device looks to be a Motorola handset, although he had no photos to show.

We are glad the Nexus 5 does not look like the leaked phone released yesterday, with a cheap plastic removable back, it was a step down in design. With Motorola, the polycarbonate design on the Moto X is likely to come onto the new Nexus 5.

Even though Oppo has been citied as one of the most vibrant new smartphone makers on Android and some have said the software is the only problem with the phone, it seems Google is not interested in the Chinese companies, for now.

Motorola would be an ample partner, considering their ties with Verizon for almost half a decade, they know how to make impressive smartphones with other contributors assisting and adding features.

Google has only one plan for the Nexus program, to push Android in the way they see fit. Motorola may be a controversial choice, especially for other Android partners who want Google and Motorola to stay far apart.

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