Moto Maker will not have Moto X engraving at launch


Motorola has went big with the Moto X, instead of sticking with the RAZR and other notable brands, they decided to make a smartphone with mid-range internals, oodles of battery life, impressive software features and over 2000 different customisations.

US buyers will be able to access the Moto Maker, a new online tool allowing users to make custom versions of the Moto X. They offer dozens of back colours, seven side accents, two front panels, two storage options, wallpapers and personal engraving.

The personal engraving tool will not be available at the Moto X launch, as Motorola decided to pull the feature at the last minute. They did this due to the print on the Moto X being under the expected quality, but have said they will try to bring it back as soon as they can.

Oddly, reviewers and early adopters have their own engraving already on, which means this decision was made in the past few days. Motorola has really tried to make sure the Moto X is high-quality, even with the mid-range application processor and display.

The Moto Maker will only be available on AT&T for the launch, for Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular and Rogers Canada buyers, the phone will come with the two stock black and white choices.

Early reviews of the Moto X mostly praise the phone for its intuitive software, impressive customisation options and the vast amounts of battery life available. Speeds were reportedly still fast and the screen was not bad until placed against the HTC One or another 1080p screen.

Source: JR Raphael Google+