LG G2 crushes current benchmark scores


As we recently noticed in a leak, the LG G2 crushes current benchmark scores with its Snapdragon 800 chipset and dedicated RAM for gaming and graphically intense applications.

Benchmarks are starting to become less relevant in an age where the smartphone will run at top speed and multitasking can be achieved. However, they are still good for users who want to find out how much power the phone can take, although some manufacturers have started tapping into these scores.



The LG G2 got 27k on the AnTuTu test and one of the highest Quadrant scores on the system. It is safe to assume the LG G2 will run as fast as any device currently on the market and it is a safe bet it will still run as fast a year or two from now.

We love the LG G2 in our early looks at the device – it is fast, powerful and looks incredible. The thinnest of the phone and the bezels is incredible and the 5.2-inch full HD IPS display beats all the competition in our opinion.

While LG G2 may have not redefined the mobile industry in any real way, it shows LG is capable making powerful and luxurious devices. The Optimus line was growing and we definitely noticed some clever moves by LG, but this is the first time they have stepped away from Samsung and tried to do their own thing in some areas.

Source: Droid Life