LG G Pad to Have a Display Same as Upcoming iPad Mini and iPad 5

More and more information about LG’s Android tablet, an 8 inch LG G Pad, is surfacing, we might know everything there is to know about it before the expected September 4th launch.  For instance, earlier today, we heard that the LG G Pad tablet would be powered by a Snapdragon 600 SoC and not so long later LG G Pad’s teaser video was posted online.  That’s not all, I just came across a post that hints on the quality and type of display the tablet will sport.

LG G Pad Tab

Rumor has it that the tablet will have a 8.3 inch 1920 x 1200 pixels display with the latest GF Ditto technology (it is also popularly known as GF2 touchscreen technology).  This technology makes use of a double-sided indium tin oxide film (ITO film) instead of glass.  This means that the G Pad will come with a display comparable in clarity and technology to Retina displays expected on the iPad Mini and iPad 5 tablets.

LG G Pad’s display will be thin, it is expected, but it the maker may equip a bigger battery to power the display.  Apple was the first manufacturer to implement the display technology LG G Pad will come with and looking at other rumored specs, LG is going to make a big splash re-entering the tablet market it had left for a while.  We will keep an ear and eye out, if we hear or see any more rumors about the LG G Pad, we will post it here.

Sources: Korea Herald via Talk Android and Android Authority