LG executive confirms Firefox OS device, smartwatch and phablet in 2014


LG Bulgaria executive Dimitar Valev has made comments on LG’s future plans in the mobile world for 2014, in an interview, the executive has revealed a new Firefox OS device, smartwatch and Android phablet will be coming to the market next year.

With the recent release of the LG G2, the South Korean company has unleashed their big smartphone to the world and it is expected to come to 130 carriers by the end of 2013, elevating LG’s global push in all markets.

LG is still looking for more opportunities and we are likely to see more Optimus smartphones in the coming months. The Firefox OS device is set to come out early in 2014, LG has already said they would support the low-end mobile OS, this will be the first device from the company.

ZTE and Huawei are currently competing for support in areas like Spain, Asia and Latin America, trying to bump up support for Firefox OS. ZTE hit good results when their new Firefox smartphone sold out almost instantly, hopefully LG can achieve the same.

The smartwatch is an interesting project, one we have heard rumours of previously. The LG smartwatch is set to come a little later in the year and we may see LG mimic the Galaxy Gear approach, lots of sensors and Android OS.

Then we have the LG phablet for Android, with the 5.2-inch LG G2 screen, this phablet may be around the 6.0-inch size, to compete with the Galaxy Mega, Xperia Z Ultra and Ascend Mate.

Valev has also said that a new product would be coming sometime this year, possibly at IFA next month. The LG G Pad is the only rumoured product coming from LG in the next month, this will be the first tablet since 2011.

Source: dnevnik

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