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LG Announces NFC-Equipped Lightwave Dios Oven

Does your smartphone have an NFC feature? This is probably one of them most underused features in a mobile device. LG aims to change the way we use NFC technology by introducing the NFC-equipped Lightwave Dios oven. This allows a smartphone to communicate with the oven with the purpose of making it easier to cook food.

The Lightwave Dios is a convection oven which means it uses hot air that circulates around the food to cook it. A smartphone installed with the LG Light Wave Oven DIOS app can simply be tapped to the oven which gives the user more than 220 options to cook the food. All these options are visible on the smartphone display and can be chosen by simply touching the screen.

One great feature of this oven is its Air Fry mode which uses a very small amount of vegetable oil in the cooking process. This reduces fat intake by as much as 77% and is beneficial to the health conscious individual.

Basically what this oven does is it takes the guess work out of cooking. Let’s say you have a chicken and you want to roast it. Will you leave it in the oven for 30 minutes or 20 minutes? This guess work is eliminated as there are pre-defined settings which can be easily chosen on the smartphone.

In the near future we should be able to check out some food recipes online and transfer the cooking instructions to the oven.

LG has not provided a date as to when this oven will be released in the market or how much it is going to cost.

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