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Lenovo’s smartphone and tablets sales surpass PC sales

Lenovo has released its financial results for the first fiscal quarter. Such results show that the China-based company is now the world’s largest PC maker. What is surprising, however, is that Lenovo’s smartphone and tablets sales surpass its PC sales. As Android Beat clarifies, this means that the company is selling more units of smartphones and tablets compared to units of PCs. It does not necessarily mean that the company gains more revenue from selling smartphones and tablets compared to its earnings from selling PCs. In fact, revenue from Lenovo’s laptops accounts for 52 percent of the company’s total revenue. This is noteworthy because laptop shipments are decreasing. Nevertheless, Lenovo’s laptop sales increased 4.7 percent.

Lenovo's smartphones and tablet sales
Lenovo’s smartphones and tablet sales

Despite its increased laptop sales, Lenovo is expected to be preparing to release better mobile devices. Just this month, a handset called the Lenovo K910 was spotted with promising AnTuTu benchmark test scores. Purportedly, the upcoming device has a score of over 30,000, and possibly a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 or Intel Atom chip in tow.

Meanwhile, the same financial results show the other achievements of Lenovo for the first fiscal quarter. In its home country, Lenovo is now the second largest smartphone company. Its revenue from China comprises 42 percent of its total global revenue. Worldwide, Lenovo is ranked third among suppliers of smart devices in the aforementioned quarter. Likewise, the company is recognized as the fourth largest smartphone supplier in the world. Lastly, it has shown the fastest growth compared to five of the largest smartphone vendors. Lenovo’s growth reached 132 percent for said time frame. Moreover, the company was able to ship 12.6 million PC units for the first fiscal quarter. Lenovo also saw a 1.7 year-over-year increase of its market share, which is now 16.7 percent.

Check out how Lenovo stacks up against other mobile phone companies in this article.

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