Lenovo K910 AnTuTu benchmark hints at Snapdragon 800


Lenovo is preparing to get big into the smartphone business, not just at home, but in the US and Europe. The company recently released the Lenovo K900 with an Intel Atom chip and we may be seeing the successor come soon, called the Lenovo K910.

The Lenovo K910 was first spotted on a benchmark score where it hit an impressive 29k, this happened last month and the Lenovo K910 was named the X910. Since the benchmark leak there has been a photo leak and a new benchmark, this time of the Lenovo K910, hitting a little over 30k on AnTuTu.


While the benchmark itself does not give us a whole lot of information and we do not take benchmarks as a real-life view of how well a phone will run, it does reveal the CPU runs at 2.2GHz and the only other processor to that would be the Snapdragon 800 or a faster Intel Atom chip.

The move from Intel to Snapdragon would be a clever one if Lenovo is hoping to push their phone beyond the capabilities and sales we have recently seen. The Chinese manufacturer wants to sell fifty million devices before March 2014, to do this they will need a big push into other territories.

Other leaks and rumours detail the phone having a 1920 x 1280 display and running Android 4.2.2 at launch.

Source: GSMArena