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Leaked Gear Manager App Screenshots Reveal More About Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Samsung made the Galaxy Gear smartwatch running on Android official just the other day and official launching is expected to take place on September 4th during Samsung’s unpacked event in Berlin.  We already know a lot about this smartwatch including the expected memory size variants it will be available in, the color variants it will be available in upon launch and details of sensors and in-built speakers.  Until September 4th when the device is launched, we may not know exactly what the watch is capable of – especially when it comes to its software environment – but today, we get an insight courtesy of leaked screenshot images published by @evleaks.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Manager Screenshot

Leaked screenshots of Samsung Galaxy Gear’s Manager application installed on a connected device reveal a number of things about this new smartwatch entrant in the market.  For one, the screenshot shows how the watch is connected to your smartphone or tablet the first time.  The screenshot reads “Connect to your watch via NFC” then a text caption explains “Turn on NFC in Settings and bring the mobile device and the charger together, back to back.  Your mobile device will connect to your watch automatically via Bluetooth”.  What is unclear is whether the charger will play a role in connecting the two devices or could there be just bad wording in the instructions?  There is a possibility the watch will support wireless charging as this will make waterproofing easier than when it has a normal charging port.

Now we know that connecting the smartwatch to another Android device (or Samsung device) is so easy with the Gear manager.  Another screenshot, still on the Gear Manager, shows the personal watch settings page showing paired watch and Apps and settings which include Clocks, My apps and Settings (check image above).

Once a connection between the watch and the phone or tablet, it appears the user can then transfer data between the two devices – even install applications on the watch from as far as 30 feet away.  There is also a cool ‘Find my watch’ feature which I can assume works only within the Bluetooth range.

We don’t know much about all the features, specs and capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy Gear, but this new leak is a revelation that there might be a deep integration capability that will make the watch an extension of another device or vice versa.  Will Samsung take the smartwatch market by storm with Galaxy Gear or is it too late and the market is dominated by Nike, Pebble and Sony among others?  What features would you love to see on the smartwatch when it is unveiled next week on Wednesday?

Courtesy of @evleaks via Android and Me.

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