Koushik Dutta releases app allowing users to Chromecast almost anything


Koushik Dutta is starting to become a notable developer for the Chromecast, developing programs to make Dropbox media, local file media and a CyanogenMod program allowing the user to cast any media onto the Chromecast.

Currently, Google will not allow third party apps on the Chromecast, as the SDK is still in beta. Any Chromecast’s using third party apps will be whitelisted. Dutta has reverse engineered a way to add his new app and allow Chromecast users to enjoy new casting.

Called AirCast, the app currently allows users to cast videos from the mobile gallery, Dropbox or Drive onto the TV. The app self destructs after two installed days, but Dutta hopes to fix this when Google opens up support for the app.

The app works through the Android Sharing portal, when the user clicks on the share icon, they will see all the usual sharing portals and then the cast button. Once the user clicks the cast button, the mobile will connect with the Chromecast. Lag should be expected, but early adopters say the experience is good, all things considered.

AirCast is already trademarked by Samsung so Dutta may have some trouble getting the actual app out under that name. He is looking for ideas on the name, we have already heard the PiCast, the open source alternative to Chromecast.

Source: Koushik Dutta Google+

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