Instagram now offers video importing and Ice Cream Sandwich support


Instagram 4.1 update brings one signature feature everyone has been requesting for Android and iOS and one new feature from the Instagram team everyone has been begging for since the video functionality was released.

Even though the mobile app has faced criticism in its past updates, including the change in terms & policy for user ownership, we believe this app is going to be a blessing for all of those wanting to bring videos into Instagram.

The new video import system allows users to select a video from the camera gallery and put it onto Instagram. The same 15 second rules apply and users can shorten and edit the video, to make it just right.

Instagram will now be available for users on Ice Cream Sandwich. Jelly Bean usage is at 40% and the other 40% is mixed between Android Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich.

We believe the two new updates will be loved by the Android community, the addition to allowing imported videos trumps Vine once again, Instagram’s main competitor in the mobile video sharing space.

Vine is still reigning supreme on usage, even though it took a nasty dip when Instagram video was introduced. We believe the majority of funny Vine’s are keeping the community active, enough to stop Instagram completely taking the space.

For everyday recoding though, we have seen Vine drop significant as more regular users like to share videos on the more popular platforms where all their friends can view it.

Source: Instagram Blog