Initial backers getting first beta of Galaxy S4 MoDaCo.SWITCH tomorrow


Developers behind the HTC One MoDaCo.SWITCH feature recently decided to bring this feature to the Samsung Galaxy S4 (I9505) as well. And to achieve this goal, the team set up a funding goal over at IndieGoGo to major success. And now the real fun begins for IndieGoGo backers as the team will begin rolling out the first beta of the MoDaCo.SWITCH for the Snapdragon 600 variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4 from tomorrow. This will be a beta of course, so not all features will be functional, but users should still be able to switch between the default TouchWiz ROM and Vanilla Android.

If you’re unaware of the MoDaCo.SWITCH project, well this is one of the most attractive options for smartphone owners (HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 for now) where the users can switch between two different versions of a ROM without losing any data. So this will basically allow users to dual boot a manufacturer version of Android and Google’s stock Android side by side. The HTC One was the first to get it and the developers decided to add the Galaxy S4 to the roster as well. It could take a couple of weeks until the Galaxy S4 MoDaCo.SWITCH comes out of beta, but it will be well worth the wait.

Source: @PaulOBrien (Twitter)

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