Hyper-local news cards could be coming to Google Now


Google could be preparing hyper-local news cards for Google Now, as a way to bring Android users quick updates of their local area, including news, promotions and activities.

Using location and information scattered around the web, Google Now will give the user cards that are very local and precise. Using previously searched terms and other algorithms, Google will be able to offer relevant information before the user even asks for it.

This is another advance for the Google Now platform, moving away from its Siri-like routes to one of the most clever artificial intelligence applications for mobile. Localised results have been a key part of Google’s advertising strategy and we believe this will only become more apparent with the big push to mobile advertising.

We are likely to see this work best on Google Glass, augmented reality offers various new ways to find activities, events, promotions and news. With inbuilt location and navigation, Glass will be able to direct the user to the event and connect with the mobile to show promotional codes, which get accepted through NFC.

This type of virtual connection with the real-world has been sought after for a while now, we are starting to see it with payments and promotions, but we wonder what Google Now can fully achieve when they have all the information from both the consumer and the merchant.

Source: Quartz

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