Hulu actively working on Chromecast support


Hulu can be added to the list of media company’s “actively working” on Chromecast support, alongside Pandora, Vimeo and HBO Go, all have said they will be bringing support on most platforms.

With Netflix taking the early plunge at supporting the Chromecast, Hulu may have missed the opportunity to really grab user attention. The good thing about Chromecast is it is not a competitor to media streaming services, it just enhances the potential.

Hulu has always been anti-Google, they have not worked with the Google TV and have always been a little foreign to all platforms supported and made by Google, this is the first time we have seen a partnership.

The company will offer the ‘cast’ button through the Android app and we may see a revamp on the app to make it appealing, with more content and a better user experience, the Hulu app currently has a lot of one star reviews.

We have heard the Hulu webpage will not get any cast functionality, with the company already sure the Chrome button will work. This is a way around any unsupported websites, but it can create small lag and audio failure. The media service will only support users with Hulu Plus accounts.

Hulu may have had to jump on board the Chromecast with the huge early adoption rate, enough to actually make Google stop the Netflix three months free promotion. This could be a vital portal, equal to mobile, for media streaming.

While this app is being developed, the Hulu board still consider various buyout offers from companies, including Google’s rival Yahoo.

Source: Variety