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HTC posts short teaser video for the One Max

one max

HTC has just posted a very short teaser video showing a glimpse of Robert Downey Jr greeting an old man with an HTC smartphone (presumably the One Max) and walking off with a briefcase. As the video ends, we see the title “Here’s To Change” merging to form ‘HTC’.

This is a clear hint at the upcoming One Max smartphone and we can expect the company to leave no stone unturned as far as marketing is concerned. HTC recently signed Robert Downey Jr for a whopping $12 million, as part of its advertising deal. This entitles HTC to use him extensively for its promotional videos, and we can’t think of a better figure to announce the upcoming One Max smartphone than Mr. Iron Man himself.

The One Max is scheduled for a launch during the IFA 2013 event in Berlin, where Samsung will be taking the covers off the new Galaxy Note 3 smartphone as well. The One Max will certainly grab a lot of eyeballs, considering that it is the company’s first phablet. We’re hoping to get more clarity in the coming days as the IFA event approaches.

Via: Cult of Android

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