HTC One now available on C Spire Wireless


The HTC One is the second most popular device out at the moment, straggling against the Galaxy S4 but outperforming everything else in the US with over five million sales in the first few weeks.

Regional carrier C Spire Wireless has managed to grab the smartphone. For those that do not know, C Spire is a carrier that works on the SouthEast of the US but it is smaller than the big four and considered a regional carrier.

C Spire will offer the HTC One out to buyers for the same price as the big carriers, $199 on a two year contract. This seems fair for people who have waited for the phone to come to the SouthEast, unless AT&T or Sprint work in their area.

Two apps will be pre-installed onto the device, Text CS and WiFiON, this is usual carrier bloatware and surprisingly light compared to what AT&T and Verizon Wireless try to cram on their smartphones.

It is surprising that even C Spire, a regional carrier, has been able to get the HTC One on contract before Verizon Wireless, the biggest carrier in the US. Even with the HTC One blue coming exclusively to Verizon, we doubt it was worth the three month wait.

Source: CSpire