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HTC One in Europe getting minor update with support for Mini+ remote


The European version of the HTC One is getting a minor update which fixes a few bugs and brings support for the HTC Mini+ remote. The update also brings the new Google Keyboard to the smartphone. The Mini+ remote is limited to European countries for now and is currently on pre-order in the UK.

The Mini+ is the successor to the HTC Mini, which was launched as a companion accessory for the HTC Butterfly back in the day. However, the Mini+ comes with a few improvements and also packs in an IR Blaster to control HDTVs hooked with the HTC One. The remote is also capable of making/receiving phone calls and receiving texts among other things. The device works on Bluetooth and NFC, while adopting the design of a traditional cordless phone.

HTC One Update

The update weighs in at 31.66MB, so it’s not a major update by any means. We’re expecting other regions to get the update soon, as it brings Google Keyboard, giving users the chance to switch from the stock Sense UI keyboard. Be on the lookout for this update if you own a HTC One in Europe.

Via: Android Central

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