HTC One Blue Hue Exclusively Coming to Verizon

Samsung has made a name for itself for making a high end flagship smartphone, then making dozens of variants with different special features and specs – to appeal to many different buyers.  HTC is seemingly taking a different approach, of making their flagship smartphone available in different colors, the most recent being the introduction of HTC One in glamor red, headed to sprint just a few days ago.  If you are a Verizon customer and wish to have the One, you may wish to go with the uniquely impressive HTC One in Blue Hue that will be available in Verizon.

HTC One Hue Blue Verizon

Choice is good.  And if you are a Verizon customer, you will appreciate the Blue Hue color that the HTC One comes in, not only because it is unique from the white and silver One.  The glamor red HTC One was first made available exclusively to Phone 4U in the UK and only made its way to Sprint.  It is not clear though whether HTC will be making the Blue Hue available on other networks or whether other ‘exclusive’ colored HTC Ones will be made available to other networks in the near future.

According to a tipster who spoke to the folks at PhoneArena, the Blue Hue phone will be coming to Verizon later this month, in August, but we don’t know whether Verizon and HTC will charge the same $199 on contract for the Blue Hue HTC One they charge on the current One.  There is a chance this may come at a higher price, but I guess only the die-hards seeking uniqueness would be interested in this phone.  The new colors on the HTC One may seem impressive, but the phone certainly doesn’t bring a fraction of the kind of customization that Motorola’s new flagship smartphone, Moto X brings.  But it’s good to know HTC and Verizon realizes buyers want choice.

We would be interested to know if HTC and other networks will be bringing any new colors and customization options to its fans in the near future.