HTC denies preparing to leave smartphone industry


HTC has had a few rough years, from a 40% stake in the Android ecosystem, the troubled Taiwanese mobile maker has started to fall as its neighbouring rival Samsung pushes further and further ahead, intent on owning the Android space.

It has not been for the want of trying, HTC has brought out some impressive devices. We believe the One X brushed past the Galaxy S3 and the HTC One has outperformed against the Galaxy S4, earning the top spot in our best phones list.

However, the company has not been able to get the market, especially in America, behind their Android smartphones. The HTC One has been a lifesaver, but it may not be enough to gain profit in Q3 2013.

This has lead to a Chinese blogger Alice Sun stating on Weibo that HTC will be dropping out of the smartphone market with no new devices planned and will hope to be bought out before they go under.

HTC has hit back, sharply denying these accusations. The company has said they are not willing to sell, but did not declare the smartphone market a bust – this is the only market they are currently in though, so we cannot see them backing out if they are not willing to sell.

We have heard about the HTC One Maxx and some mid-range HTC models, these will go on sale sometime late this year, hopefully. HTC has had a rough few years like we said, but with the HTC One selling almost 10 million units, it looks like they can pick the game up.

Source: Engadget