HTC Droid DNA dropped by Verizon, possibly for HTC One

HTC One Verizon

Verizon has just recently dropped the HTC Droid DNA from their website, leading to speculation they could be launching the HTC One or a new Droid DNA on the service in the coming weeks.

The HTC Droid DNA was the first smartphone to bring the 1080p screen and this started a wave of five-inch 1080p phones being released by almost all the major manufacturers, including Samsung, Sony, ZTE and Huawei.

Released on November 21, it leads us to believe the HTC One will simply take the place of the Droid DNA and we won’t see a new Droid device from HTC in the coming months. Motorola recently delivered their new line of Droids, with incredible battery life and new focus on software.

The HTC One was released three months ago to critical acclaim, with reviewers and consumers giving it the top ratings. It has since done quite well globally, keeping HTC out of the red for Q2 2013, but we may see them dip in Q3 with slower sales.

Verizon may be capable of bringing the HTC One sales back to life, with a release date centred around August 15. The big red company may bring a new blue HTC One model, quite odd since they normally only deal in red exclusives, Sprint has got that colour on lockdown.

Source: PhoneArena

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