HTC drifting away from Windows Phone to work on Android


HTC, the once great Android manufacturer, has fell into dire problems these past few years, with their marketshare dropping on Android from 40% to about 20% as Samsung continues to dominate and the Android marketplace becomes more crowded.

The HTC One may have been a lifesaver for the company, but it has not changed everything and Samsung continues to deploy phones in almost every price point and size to Android users, almost plaguing the market with TouchWiz and cheap plastic backs.

In a move to try and cut costs and make sure they are focus on the right places, HTC may completely drop out of Windows Phone and focus on Android smartphones. The HTC One and Desire line are proof of the company’s continuing effort to push on Android.

If the Android OS looks like a bad decision for HTC, the Windows Phone looks like a complete mistake. Windows Phone only counts for 4% of the marketplace, while Android counts for a solid 80% and Nokia controls 80% of Windows Phone.

This means HTC is fighting a losing battle against a company fully invested in the Windows Phone OS and is wasting time and resources on these new smartphones, when they could be making phones that can compete in the Android space.

With a $1 billion advertising project Change, this could be HTC’s big move to get back into the marketplace and start creating new lines of smartphones for people who care about design quality and other features HTC does incredibly well.