HTC developing new mobile OS for Chinese market


HTC has had a rough few years, in 2009 the company held about 40% of Android and had the biggest sales worldwide on the mobile OS, but now Samsung is completely dominate and HTC has lost 30% of their ownership.

This has put lots of pressure on the company, not just externally from investors, shareholders and consumers, but internally from executives, who see the company as a sinking ship with an unequipped captain.

The HTC One has been the shinning jewel of the companies success as a mobile developer, but they have failed to really show it in sales. The HTC One has sold around seven million units, a far cry short of the twenty million Galaxy S4 units Samsung has flogged.

With this new statistic, it may push HTC to China, the biggest mobile consumer. The company has apparently been working for two years on an operating system specific to China, with integrated Chinese social platforms and cheap hardware.

This move will solidify HTC’s connection with the Chinese government, who want homegrown success, not American software and hardware infesting the country. Baidu and Weibo have both been great hits in the country and China wants more sophisticated technology for their people.

We believe HTC will continue to work on Android and release new devices, but this Chinese hub will be a way to make vast amounts of income from cheap smartphones, looking to services as a means to make more money.

There is competition in China, especially on a hardware front. HTC may be able to get the OS out with some services unique to China, but the question is will it be able to get traction on hardware against other companies based in China, like Xiaomi, ZTE, Oppo and Huawei.


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