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HTC could have been planning its own mobile customization site

HTC Design Studio

We all know how much attention has gone towards the Moto X smartphone and the “Designed by You” slogan which Motorola rightly brags of. But it has now come to notice that Motorola might not have been alone in this game with The Verge suggesting that HTC might have had plans for a similar customization site. The report claims that HTC might have been working on something known as the HTC Design Studio, but later scrapped the idea due to concerns over its practicality.

Unlike Motorola’s website, the HTC Design Studio would apparently allow users to pick different camera accent colors and hardware key colors or even the body color in general. Basically, it would let the users detail just about every detail of the smartphone. The idea apparently was to allow the HTC 8XT Windows Phone to come under this feature. Perhaps the fact that it’s a Windows Phone discouraged HTC a little. Knowing the kind of reception that the Moto Maker has received so far, we won’t be surprised if HTC reconsiders its decision. It is promoting a “Change” after all. What’s your take on the HTC Design Studio?

Via: The Verge

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