How To Use Android Device Manager

Google previously announced a new feature that will allow owners of Android smartphones or tablets to track their devices. Since then the Android Device Manager has begun showing up on devices and right now the tracking website is now live. While the setup isn’t complete yet you will now be able to track, ring up, or erase the data on your device.

android devcie manager

If it’s your first time to use the Android Device Manager then you will be pleased to know that there is no app to download or complicated setup process to follow. There’s even a big possibility that this feature is already in your device.

To check if it is you have to go to your device and check the Google Applications settings. Google automatically pushed this app on Android devices some time ago. The Android Device Manager will appear in one of the options, touch on this option. You can turn on the following options, “Remotely locate this device” and “Allow remote factory reset”.

Once you have the feature activated you will then need to go to the website at and signup with your Google account. Once signed in you will see a list of your Android devices on the upper left hand side of the screen. Your device location will be highlighted with a blue circle or a red pin on the screen map.

Right now you can do two things from the web interface. You can either ring your device or remotely wipe it. Ringing your device allows it to emit a sound at maximum volume for five minutes even if it is in silent mode. This is helpful if you misplaced your device at your home or work and have a hard time in finding it. Wiping the device erases restores the device to its factory settings which erases all data stored on it. For this option to work you have to enable the “Allow remote factory reset” setting. This is helpful when you are sure that you have lost your device and don’t want other people to access your data.

In cases where the device is powered off you won’t be able to ring it or wipe its data unless it has a mobile or Wi-Fi connection. In cases like this you can choose “Erase device” in advance so your data will be deleted once the device is online.

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