Holho Turns Your Android Smartphone Into a Holographic Projector

Despite the rapid advancement of technology we have still yet to see the commercial use of holographic technology. Ever since the first Star Wars film came out in 1977 where Princess Leia was projected as a hologram image a lot of people have been waiting for the technology to arrive. While we may not see this very soon a new Kickstarter project called Holho aims to make your smartphone or tablet as a holographic player.


Holho is a hologram generator which can be attached to any smartphone or tablet and is being developed by Imagination Farm USA. The technology involves the use of mirrors strategically positioned on top of the device to create the illusion of a moving 3D image. The company has already created a number of videos to showcase the technology such as a swimming jellyfish and fireworks bursting among others which look amazing. The best part is that once this project is complete users will also be able to create their own videos and project them as a holographic image.

There are currently different versions of Holho under development each suited for a specific mobile device.

There’s the Holho Full Pyramid for smartphones which is said to be one of the smallest holographic pyramids in the market today. It works with any smartphone no matter what the brand. This apparatus has four sides which projects the holographic image in a 360 degree view. The smartphone can be placed on top or at the bottom of the pyramid.

The Holho Full Pyramid for tablets is similar to the one used for smartphones with the only difference in its size. This apparatus is much larger and best used for tablets with a 10 inch display. It also projects the image in a 360 degree view.

The Holho Naked for tablet is probably the simplest product in the collection as it consists of a single oblique sidewall and is suited for 10 inch tablets. It uses a frontal holographic projection technology.

The Holho Zed for tablets is best used for 7 to 10 inch tablets. The tablet is placed on top and the holographic projection is displayed at the front.

Finally we have the Holho 3 Faces Pyramid which is designed for 10 inch tablets. The image is divided into three and displayed on the 3 Faces Pyramid. This is perfect for use in product demonstrations.

The company aims to reach the $58,000 goal over at Kickstarter to further fund the project. Right now $14,334 has already been pledged with 43 days left.

via kickstarter