Google’s Chris Dale denies rumours of Google Glass price and Best Buy launch


Two recent rumours started spreading surrounding Google Glass, the first was that it would come to market at $299, a very low cost for the newest technology breakthrough from Google. The other piece was Google would rent out 6,000 square feet in every Best Buy store in the country to try and sell Google Glass.

Google’s communications lead for Google Glass, Chris Dale, replied back about these two rumours, stating both were false. Robert Scoble, the tech enthusiast that originally said Google Glass would be launching at Best Buy, replied by saying “Wacky. Well, now I am really wondering” making it seem like his source was reliable.

Google Glass’ price has been hit back and forth, with some saying Google will try to make it as cheap as possible and others saying they will market the glasses against a flagship smartphone off contract. The former is more Google-style, with the Nexus 7 and Nexus 4 being proof the company looks to make devices as cheap as possible.

Exactly how cheap this will be is up to Google, who currently works on the project without any manufacturer help. Google could take advantage of new advertising projects and paid services and sell the hardware at no profit or a minuet loss, the same as Xiaomi, Amazon and Google at times.

If Google does not want to partner with Best Buy, it takes away a big lump of brick and mortar stores they may be able to sell the Google Glass from in 2014. We may see a partnership with Walmart, another huge franchise in the US, to try and tackle this issue. The Google Play store will be the online front for Google Glass.