Google’s All Access music service coming to Verizon?

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Reports are indicating that Google might be in talks with Verizon to bundle the Google Play All Access music subscription service to Verizon users. This deal hasn’t been finalized yet apparently, as the two companies are still believed to be in talks with each other. This comes hot on the heels of rumors about AT&T discussing a similar deal with Beats Audio. Google will certainly benefit greatly if the deal goes through with the sheer number of Verizon subscribers out there. And the fact that the users will be billed through their Verizon account for the music subscription will be a bonus.

It is claimed that the two companies are sorting out the financial aspect of the deal, which means it could take a while to materialize. We certainly hope this will be more than just a free trial period promotion for the users, as Google’s All Access service has the legs to go a long way, especially with the partnership of Verizon. Cricket Wireless, which is a subsidiary of AT&T, already has a deal with Muve Music, so this certainly won’t be the first for the industry. Further details are awaited.

Source: Billboard

Via: Android Community

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