Google’s acquisition of WIMM could streamline smartwatch plans


Google has been rumored to be working on a smartwatch like accessory for quite some time now. But those rumors seem to be making more sense now with information of Google’s acquisition of WIMM Labs coming out. The acquisition seemed to have taken place last year but is somehow coming out only now. The report claims that the employees that were remaining post the acquisition are now working under Google’s Android team to fast forward the development of this smart watch.

WIMM Labs specializes in creating micro apps for smartwatches, like the one seen on the Pebble smartwatch. The company also launched its own Android based smart watch backed in 2011 known as the WIMM One. With the team working directly under the Android team, Google’s smartwatch plans could be streamlined and we could see one coming out very soon.

Samsung is launching a smartwatch of its own this Wednesday along with the Galaxy Note 3 flagship, so the concept is being taken seriously even by big manufacturers.

Source: GigaOM

Via: Android Central

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