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Google Updates My Tracks with More Features, Improved Location Accuracy and Better Battery Usage

If you are one of the millions of users who rely on Google’s My Track Android app to record your routes and store paths of places you go to using your phone, you will be glad to know that a new update is rolling out and it is bringing significant improvements to the app.  Google is rolling out an update to My Tracks that will not only improve the accuracy of your location on the map but will also conserve your battery more.

Google My Tracks

My Tracks is an application that plots GPS routes you take besides keeping track of paths, distances, speeds and elevations when running, biking, walking or even driving.  This app has been around for a very long time but going by comments on the application’s Google Play Store page, many users have been having many issues with it, the most notable being poor accuracy especially soon after startup.

The application has now been made smarter as well as the new update enables the application to detect the user’s mode of travel automatically – i.e. walking, biking or driving.  The most welcome improvements and update though are the increased accuracy and the improved battery performance, both of which can be attributed to what Google says is a ‘new location provider’.  If you are not familiar with My Tracks, you should know that this app also enables the user to view data live, hear voice announcements on your movement progress and even annotate your paths.

There are many health and fitness apps on Google Play Store offering the same and even more tools but with My Tracks, you get the benefit of Google Integration.  The new update now brings new stats view to My Tracks that enables users to select several tracks, merge them and play them using Google Earth and a new landscape view. Check out the new improved Google’s My Tracks on Play Store


Via Android Community

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