Google responds to claims they intentionally blocked Chromecast app


Koushik Dutta worked for a few weeks on his AllCast app, after previewing many of the functions in short YouTube videos, it was reverse engineered onto the Google Play store for users with an Android smartphone and Chromecast.

Google recently updated the Chromecast with some firmware updates and this blocked AllCast functionality. The Chromecast is still in beta and likely to change before its final release, but Dutta thought the update was in direct response to his app.

AllCast was also an app in beta, with a self-destruct timer and some minor lag when getting media from local files, Dropbox or Google Drive. This has not stopped Dutta from ranting at Google’s quick movement to block the app from working.

In Google’s defence, the company never claimed the Chromecast would be open for anyone to develop and work on. Google wants the Chromecast to remain a closed system and Google will be the only one designing the interface and making the SDK. Dutta’s app went against this idea and Google treaded on it before it exploded.

If Google can keep content under their rules and guidelines, it will look a lot more friendly for media services. Some services have already pledged their support with the Chromecast’s quick user adoption, selling out on Amazon quickly.

Whether Google wants to make the Chromecast open is up to them, they have been pushing open standards on Chrome and Android for a while now, even with their grip and guidelines becoming tighter.


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