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Google Play Moto X won’t run stock Android

google play moto x

It is known to us that a Google Play Moto X is on the cards. But it is now being said that this smartphone, won’t exactly be a Google Play smartphone. To elaborate, this smartphone apparently will not feature a stock version of Android, but instead the same skinned version of Android seen running on other Moto X variants. The information was given away by Leo Laporte while quoting Motorola’s Guy Kawasaki on the This Week in Google show yesterday.

This can’t really be bad news for Android fans, especially given the kind of customization the Moto X brings. Of course, none of these features would be valid if a stock version of Android is on board. So with that in mind, we are actually relieved. However, this puts the onus on Motorola for timely software updates. So it’s a double edged sword really. But if Motorola could resolve that by working closely with Google, we might not see a lot of complaints coming from Android loyalists. The Moto X is expected to land on carrier shelves later this month with the Google Play variant slated to arrive later this year.


Via: Phone Arena

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