Google Maps app will get ads beginning from Thursday

Google Maps

Google seems to be in complete revenue generation mode as it has just revealed incorporation of ads into Google Maps. And yes we’re talking about the Google Maps app on your mobile device. The ads of course will be relevant to your searches and will suggest nearest alternatives for the place you selected or something along those lines. This feature will be rolled out to Android and iOS versions of Google Maps by this Thursday.

As the screenshot suggests, the ad will appear at the bottom with certain relevance to your search query, but will be tagged with a tiny ad symbol. On the brighter side, it can actually help users discover some new places if it is located close to them. However, if the suggested restaurant or mall is actually farther than your original destination, then it beats the whole purpose of having suggestive ads. Of course, most users will barely notice these ads after a few days of usage. So we don’t mind ads as long as they enhance the user’s experience. What’s your take on this new development?

Source: Google Adwords Blog

Via: GigaOm

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