Google Glass will cost more than $299 according to sources


After rumours flew across the web saying Google Glass would come at the extremely cheap price of $299, reporter Jason Gilbert decided to try and find the insider scoop and came back with bad news: it will not be $299.

According to sources close to the Google Glass team, the wearable technology will come at a much heftier cost, although the sources declined to give any specifics on the price. It could range anywhere between $299 and $1500 now.

We do have some margins to look for, Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google currently working on Google Glass, has said it will come at a significant price drop when released to the public. We aren’t sure if the significant price drop is $500 or $1000 off the current Explorer edition price, either way we can see why Google would need to chop it down for consumers.

Other sources have said Google Glass will come at the same price as a flagship smartphone off contract, around $600 – 800. This is still quite expensive for people unsure about the augmented reality glasses and may be out of the budget for most buyers unsubsidised.

Google Glass is one of the most innovative and questionable projects in the past few years and that is why it is so exciting to see it grow. Google may bring a new version of Glass to the market, one less cyborg and we may all love it, it just a matter of time.

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