Google Glass to cost $299 at launch?

Google Glass

According to the Taiwan Topology Research Institute, Google Glass could cost around $299 when it is launched later this year. The TPRI calculated the cost of the materials being used in the device and have concluded that it should cost somewhere close to that amount. This bears more weight considering that Google recently acquired a 6.3% stake in Himax Display which supplies the panel for Google Glass. This is merely an estimation of the price and not an official announcement from Google, so let’s not get our hopes up just yet.

But one can imagine the kind of impact it will have if priced under $300. Google might be able to cut back on the prices a bit with mass production, but the chances of that happening is very slim. Current estimations claim that Google will only produce about 124,000 units of Glass during launch, but that could change next year. We’re unable to pin point the exact arrival date of Glass, but it should happen later this year.

According to an analyst at TPRI – “We believe wearable devices will face the first wave of growth in the coming one to three years due to their innovative features, and will then experience a rapid growth in the next phase when the market becomes more mature“.

Source: China Post

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