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Google Glass Gets XE8 Update

Google has just released a new update to Google Glass which adds new and exciting features to the device. The company is carrying on with its release of monthly updates this time bringing it to version XE8. Those who are part of the Google Glass Explorer program will be able to update their devices in the coming days.

Google Glass is a wearable computing device that is rumored to be priced at $300 when it will be released. There are more than 10,000 Glass Explorers right now who are using this device.

The XE8 update brings support for new actions, improvements, as well as added notifications.

The first improvement is the new video player. The new controls on the player allow users to easily view a video. Just tap on a video to play it or tap on it again to pause it. If there’s a scene that needs to be viewed again then all that has to be done is to swipe backwards to rewind it. Got a problem with a lot of boring scenes? Just swipe forwards to skip it.

Two new voice actions from the home screen have been added to support Path and Evernote. Social networking using Path has been made easier with the “ok glass, post an update” command. Sending a note to Evernote has also been made easier with the “ok glass, take a note” command.

The voice settings have also been improved. Users will now be able to mute or adjust the volume manually.

Other new features include

  • Check your timeline while in a video call
  • New contextual voice commands for Navigation: Show route overview, Hide route overview, Stop directions
  • Add a caption by voice after taking a picture or video: Share a picture or video and, when prompted on the display with the magic words “ok glass,” say “ok glass, add caption.”
  • #Hashtags in captions: When adding a caption, say hashtag and then the topic at hand. For instance, adding a caption like “hashtag cute” becomes “#cute.”
  • Improved SMS support
  • Google Now cards: Reservations and events, Movies, Public alerts, Birthday alerts

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