Google changes Play Store policies for app developers

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Google has just made some changes to the Play Store policies with regards to the way certain apps behave. These changes in the policies came after certain app developers went out of their way to place ads in the most unlikely areas of your phone. We’ve seen ads placed as shortcuts on the home screen as well as the notification bar, while some apps would change the homepage of the default browser. Clearly this wasn’t going down well with the users and Google has decided to crack the whip on such apps.

Strangely, the developers were within their full rights to do this in the past as Google never made its stance clear with the old policies. However it’s nice to see Google making the necessary adjustments now. Apps which have fake reviews, too many keywords or the ones which try to mimic top developers will be immediately blocked as per the revised policies. Google still has some work left to do with malicious apps and other nagging issues. But measures like these will go a long way in achieving its goal of making the Play Store a secure place for original and meaningful titles.

Source: Google

Via: Talk Android

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