Google blocks Chromecast app allowing users to stream local media


Earlier this week Koushik Dutta reverse engineered his app to make sure it got onto the Google Play Store, but in a recent update to the Chromecast Google has blocked the app, making it unusable.

The app, called AllCast (AirCast), was made in stages and shown off by Dutta on YouTube. The developer had added local media, Dropbox and Google Drive cast buttons, allowing users to play videos and movies stored on those apps.

With the lack of true ports to local files, it is hard to actually download a movie then stream it to the TV. This process could be simplified with the Chromecast, but currently Google has not developed this feature and has blocked Dutta’s app.

There is still no confirmation that Google will allow apps to be developed for the Chromecast. We know they are offering the SDK to media streaming services that want to add Chromecast support, but they may keep it locked away from general developers.

The Chromecast does offer the Chrome-tab cast button, allowing users to play media from inside the browser. The only problem with this is most long movies are not on the web, but on the computer, with a QuickTime/VLC media player. Google needs to find someway to utilise this, possibly by being able to cast the OS screen.

Source: Koushik Dutta