Google announces City Experts program



Google has launched the City Experts program to try and compete with services like Yelp, essentially this will make reviews of places on Google Maps more informative, by getting people with knowledge of the area and experience writing reviews to check places out and stick their opinions on Google Maps.

To become a City Expert, the Google+ user has to already have written over 50 reviews and live in one of the areas added in the disclosure at the bottom of the page, cities in the US, UK, Australia and Japan.

Once the City Expert has been accepted they will have to update five new places with reviews every month and all of these must stick to the guidelines of being well written, include an image and be around three or four sentences long.

Google says City Experts will get access to fun local events in their area, “free custom swag” that can only mean freebies and special online recognition, maybe a verified account or special stamp on the users’ account.

This is a clever idea to make Google Maps reviews simple and not filled with junk spam. Google invested heavily on the idea of monetization on Maps and we believe this is just the start of trying to get people to upload top quality photos and reviews.

We believe this will come to Android and other platforms soon, to allow reviewers on mobile to add photos and little bits of information on the go, instead of sitting down at their computer to write reviews.

Source: City Experts