Google Acquires Wearable Display Tech Patents From Foxconn

Google has bought patents from Foxconn (Hon Hai Precision Industry Co.) which will be of great use to its Google Glass device. Foxconn confirmed this by announcing that they have sold patents to Google that allows the generation of “a virtual image and is superimposed on a real-world view.” Financial details of this deal were not disclosed.


The portfolio that Google bought consists of a head mounted display technology that is capable of superimposing a computer generated image on a real world view. This is often used in aviation, engineering, scientific applications, and gaming, simulations, and training.

This move by Google is seen by many as its way of edging out its competition in the wearable technology department. Just last month the company also invested in chipmaker Himax to ensure a stable supply of the company’s liquid crystal on silicon chips and modules which is being used in Google Glass.

Right now a lot of manufacturers have signified their intentions in releasing their own wearable technology. It’s no secret that wearable technology will boom in the coming months. By picking up whatever patents that the company can get they can avoid patent battles in the near future.

via wsj

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  1. yet another patent so obvious a 12yo could have come up with it, used in an anti-competitive manner. stop the madness!

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