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Galaxy S3 will jump directly to Android 4.3

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A Deutsche Telecom support member has provided information regarding the next upgrades for the Galaxy S3. According to the representative, the smartphone will hop straight to Android 4.3, skipping Android 4.2.2.

This comes as leaks circulate regarding the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 skipping Android 4.2.2 to Android 4.3. It seems half of the leaks were right and we are sure the Galaxy Note 2 will be mentioned soon enough.

The representative did point out this would only be for the German carrier, although if it is an over the air update we would expect it to arrive on all different carrier versions of the smartphone, regardless of region or carrier.

Samsung seem to have a growing friendship with Google when it comes to Android updates, even closer than they are with their own company Motorola. The speed Samsung is getting updates puts HTC, Motorola and any other partner to sleep.

We have no time for the Android 4.3 update, with the Galaxy S4 still on Android 4.2.2, we believe that will come before last-years flagship devices. With the pace of Samsung, the updates will probably all happen before the end of the year.

Samsung currently has no plans to update any other devices to Android 4.3, with the recent surge in Android 4.2.2 updates to older tablets and some mid-range smartphones. We believe the Android 4.3 update will be for well used devices and newly released devices.

Source: Deutsche Telecom Forums

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