Galaxy Note 3 may be capable of shooting 4K video


Rumours of optical image stabilisation on the Galaxy Note 3 were shot down yesterday, when sources revealed Samsung could not meet the order for the new phablet before it launched. Samsung is also testing a 16MP camera without the large hump on the back of the device, this will apparently come on the Galaxy S5.

Even with the lack of OIS, the Galaxy Note 3 may be the first mobile to support 4K video, the next step in resolution past 1080p. This may not be the best decision considering the phone will not have a 4K screen, meaning the full resolution video can only be viewed on 4K monitors.

This is a clever idea to invite content producers who want to embrace mobile devices in their sets. The question is can this feature actually draw in an audience or is it just one of the many features Samsung adds for no particular reason.

The Galaxy Note 3 is set to come with all the top end features, Snapdragon 800 CPU, 3GB of RAM, 32/64/128GB of internal storage, 3540mAh battery, WiFi a/b/g/n/ac, LTE, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, wireless charging and 13MP camera.

Screen size has been a big issue, with some saying it will come in three different models and others taking a straw guess from 5.5-inches to 5.99-inches. The pattern seems to be 5.68-inches at the moment.

Source: Hankyung