Feedly announces new premium service for RSS readers


From a measly Google Reader rival, Feedly made a huge surge in users once Google announced an end to RSS, in a combined effort to push everything regarding news and social to Google+, their social network.

Feedly announced early on, a month before Google Reader was set to bite the dust, it had increased userbase by about three million. We believe this has continued to rise with the fall of Google Reader, but now Feedly has to cover its own costs regarding server space.

This is where Feedly Pro comes in handy, the new premium service was unveiling today and we take a look at some of the new features available. Currently Feedly is offering a $99 lifetime membership, but it is limited to the first 5,000 users.

Feedly Pro: For Big RSS Junkies


Feedly has only unveiled four new features for Feedly Pro, but we expect the developers to work harder on the premium version and make sure the free version only has a handful of features for the user.

The four new features are:

  • Search Article – This allows the reader to search through specific feeds for article keywords. The algorithm is still a little undefined  with Verizon HTC One Mini articles popping up when we type in Moto X.
  • HTTPS – Allowing users to browse under a more secure web protocol when reading feeds.
  • Evernote Integration – Feedly Pro users can now add any article into their Evernote, it will be saved as a bookmark and users can switch to the Evernote app and have the article synced.
  • Premium Support – If something goes wrong with Feedly, the Pro package allows premium service.

This may not be what everyone wants and Feedly is still missing a few features, but we are sure in time the Feedly Pro package will get better. It is $5 a month or $45 per year or for a limited time you can get the lifetime package for $99, as we previously said.

We are unsure about Android and iOS versions of the service, they are already out but we still have no idea if they will be getting any premium upgrades.

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