Facebook brings Cover Feed without Facebook Home


Facebook has released an update for its Android app and with it comes Cover Feed, without downloading the full Facebook Home suite. With Cover Feed being one of the most loved things on Facebook Home, we can see why the company decided to bring it as a standalone feature.

This means the user can have both Facebook Cover Feed and Chat Heads enabled, without dipping into the Facebook UI experience. Cover Feed and Chat Heads are both nice features for big Facebook users, but the takeover of the home-screen and Android is a little too much for most users.

It seems like instead of trying to drag people into the Facebook Home suite, the company is pushing users to choose what they enjoy. Chat Heads has been a great feature, so loved it was ported through Jailbreak to iOS.

Facebook has also expanded the availability of Home, it was only available on the Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Note II, HTC One X, HTC One X+ and HTC First. Now it is coming to the Galaxy S4, HTC One and Nexus 4, surprisingly not on the Xperia Z.

Cover Feed for Android will roll out in the coming days on all devices compatible with Facebook Home. This means if your device isn’t one named above, then you cannot actually get Cover Feed.

Source: Google Play

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