Disable the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE Easily

galaxy s3 lte

The Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE is definitely advantageous. It has the capability of establishing a high-speed connection with your phone to your network. Among its many benefits is enhanced quality of calls, faster Internet browsing and quicker data downloads or uploads.

However, the Galaxy S3 LTE has the tendency to drain the battery of the device faster. This is due to its high-end quality and more requirements in terms of processing. Then, it attempts to search LTE connection even in areas that have no 4G.

If you are planning on saving your battery life, it would be a good idea to temporarily disable the Galaxy S3 LTE. This is a good alternative too if you are in an area that does not have that kind of network yet. Having it enabled will only trigger the phone to search for the LTE network that does not even exist, which will prove to be pointless on your part and a total waste of your system’s processing power.

Here are two ways to disable the Galaxy S3 LTE according to one thread in the AT&T forum:

1. First Method

A lot of people in the thread said that this worked for them:

  • While your Galaxy S3 is powered on, detach the rear cover and remove the SIM card by slightly pushing its spring lock.
  • When the screen indicates that the “SIM card is removed”, open the phone app and dial *#2263# in the keypad.
  • By default, the band selection is marked as “Automatic”. So, just switch to the 2G or 3G networks.
  • Put back in place the SIM card into its slot until you hear a clicking sound that locks it in place.
  • If the phone is still in its previous state, simply reboot it for the changes to take effect.

2. Second Method

This may not work but it is still worth a try:

  • Open the phone app and dial *#*#4636#*#*.
  • Select Device Information.
  • Navigate your way down in the available options until you see a way to change the network that you prefer.

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Source: AT&T Forums

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