Digg Reader arrives as another RSS alternative on Android


Digg surprised a lot of RSS users when they announced they were making their own reader, after Google announced their Reader would be retiring a month later. AOL also developed an RSS reader in light of Google Reader’s retirement.

Digg Reader was released little under two months ago for the web and iOS. Betaworks, the company who now owns Digg, has been trying to make the readers on the original Digg platform merge onto Digg Reader and it seems to have worked.

Early signs show Digg Reader has quite a lot of usage, not as much as Feedly or Reeder, but a fair amount for a new RSS reader. It takes queues of the design of previous RSS readers, but has the distinct new Digg look.

The RSS has finally arrived on Android, after a few weeks delay, the company is trying to get Digg Reader on as many platforms as possible, but for now Android, iOS and the web are the three main.

The Android app looks almost identical to the iOS app, there is the obvious button changes on Android to fit with the design, but other than that they are virtually the same application.

Digg Reader is currently free for anyone and we doubt it will be long before the company offers a pro version of the app. Feedly Pro was just announced a few weeks ago, allowing users to pay $45 a year to get some enhancements.